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Labrador Winter Games
2016 Labrador Winter Games
March 13-19
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2016 Labrador Winter Games
Northern Games
During the dark, long winters of Northern Canada, the Inuit people traditionally kept fit and active by competing in games with each other. Many of these games were considered extremely entertaining for members of the community to watch. These games were also important in developing essential skills for the well-being and survival of the Inuit people: the strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance to survive off the land.
Labrador Hurdles
The Inuit originally used sleds to create hurdles for this game. The Labrador Winter Games built on that idea and created the Labrador Hurdles event. The strength and endurance needed to win the gold in this event is sure to make you appreciate the effort put into training.
One Foot High Kick
A keen eye and good depth perception are both very important skills when living off the land. Add in some amazing athletic ability, and you've got a very entertaining and impressive event.
Over the Rope
The origins of this game helped train Inuit to build the strength and balance required to be an expert kayaker.
Seal Race
Inuit hunters used to mimic seals in movement and sound while hunting for seal. If they weren't convincing enough, the seal would escape through their air hole before the hunter could get close enough to spear them.
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