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Labrador Winter Games
2016 Labrador Winter Games
March 13-19
Get Ready...
2016 Labrador Winter Games
Mandatory Events
There are seven mandatory events in the Labrador Winter Games. Each event represents some of the key activities that Labradorians have relied on for centuries. The events are physically demanding, and are set outdoors, in the elements of an early Labrador Spring.
Communities competing for the Labrador Cup must compete in all seven mandatory events in order to be eligible for the Cup.
One of the most traditional events of the whole Games, the Labrathon tests your ability to live on the land like generations of trappers before.
Northern Games
One of the most popular events, the Northern Games highlight but a few of the many games the Inuit of Labrador have been playing for centuries.
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Northern Duathlon
An endurance race to say the least! One of the most physically demanding events of the entire Games.
Snowshoe Race
A twist on an old tradition. Strap-on your snowshoes and run the course. It's sure to take your breath away...
Target Shoot
You've got to be on the mark to win this event. Everyone has a shot at the gold.
Snowshoe Biathlon
Combining the precision of target shooting with the mobility of snowshoeing.
Cross Country Skiing
A great way to travel through the Big Land. Click into some skiis and go for a ride.
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